Auction your products live on Snatch


Promote, auction and sell via livestream. Whether it's personal or business, you'll generate sales on autopilot with social commerce.

Scan & download Snatch-App

Download the Snatch app for iOS or Android and create a user account.

Tap here and download Snatch-App

Download the Snatch app for iOS or Android and create a user account.

Pro-account verification

Navigate to the app profile page and have yourself or your brand verified under "Pro Account" to activate your Pro Account.

Auction and sale

Create auction products via the app, go live and auction your products easily via livestream.

Perks of being a seller at Snatch


Auction products via livestream or use our social commerce tools to list your items on the Snatch marketplace and sell authentically through the Snatch community.

Snatch marketplace

Snatch offers you an all-inclusive marketplace with all the seller tools you need.

Live auctions

Auction products or compiled product sets and promote your brand.

Social commerce

Creator promote your products via livestream and shoppable clips and generate sales for you.

Live shopping

Promote your market place products authentically with exciting live shopping events.

Shoppable clips

Upload short videos about your products and achieve better conversions.

30+ features

Live Gifts, Coupons, News Feed, Beaty Effects and many more features.

Promote instead of sell

Earn money 24/7
without owning any products

Promote items listed on Snatch via livestream or short video clips and earn money with every sale you generate.

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